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Tommy Harevis

Flute player / Therapist / Fire Keeper / Traveller / Teacher

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Concert HAREVIS – The sounds of distant lands

Harevis, using his exotic instruments, takes the audience on a colorful journey to the limits of the imagination. Beyond time and space. From temples hidden in the jungle thickets, the tombs covered in the sands of desert. Rhythms of tribal dances around the fire and echo of meditating monks. Meeting with Harevis stays long in the memory!


“Sounds of the world” -Instruments show

Instruments from various parts of the world. Each of them has its own magic and story to tell. During the show we will hear the exotic sounds of Asia, Native America, Africa and Europe. We will listen to the legends and messages regarding the origin of each instrument.


Tales from the journeys with live music.

Exceptional meeting with tales and live music! Harevis will share stories from his meetings with representatives of Tz’utujil tribe, who are recognized as ones of the alive descendents of the great Mayan Civilization.


Native songs workshop

North, Central and South American traditional songs

You will learn about the meaning and stories related to them. They were and still are used during gatherings, rituals and ceremonies. You will learn songs of American tribes such as Lakota, Iroquois, Mayan, Quecha and more. Workshop will be accompanied by pictures show, recordings and videos.

March 2024
Mar 08
08 March 2024
Tulln Ananda Yoga Studio,

Tauche tief ein in die Verbindung von Stimme, Atem und dem gegenwärtigen Moment, während du dich mit deiner inneren Urkraft verbindest. Auf spielerische Weise stärkst du dein Vertrauen in deine …

Mar 14
14 March 2024

Once again, we embark on an extraordinary journey to the heart of Mayan culture. This expedition is dedicated to the exploration of the wisdom of natural forces - Naguales - …