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Pia Bernardi

Singer-Songwriter/ Composer / Voice Trainer

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Hi, my name is Pia. 
I am a passionate singer, songwriter and vocal coach, who is in love with music. 
Since a young age I always wanted to sing and share my voice with the world. 
As this is the most beautiful way for me to express myself and find fullfillment. 
Throughout my journey i went through periods where it was not always easy to be myself as singing is one of the most intimate processes you can experience. I went through many heavy emotions but the beauty of opening my voice and finding self confidence and joy was priceless.   
Therefore my mission is to open a safe space for people to find their strength, beauty and joy through the art of singing, speaking and thinking. 
I work on all levels: mental, emotional and physical as the the voice is a full spectrum instrument and needs in my opinion a holistic approach. 
I prefer to work one on one and in small groups to be able to dedicate all my attention to each one of you. 
To sing is to communicate, to share and feel free the way we are and the way we want to be. 
It is a dance with the spheres of sound and our own innocent being. 
Every day I feel blessed to be able to sing and i want to remind you that every voice is made to be heard. 
Vamos a cantar!!
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(c) Isabella Hewlett

Singing lessons 

I offer a safe space to explore the unique qualities of your voice and to investigate your personal sound and emotional Expression. 

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