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Lukas Ratzinger

Composer / Singer-Songwriter/ Pianist/ Producer/
Teacher (Vocals/ Piano/ Improvisation/ Songwriting)

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"Vibration is what we are, 
vibration is what we give."
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Vocal Lesson

Singing is one of the most beautiful ways to express ourselves creatively. When we sing we open to the world and ourselves in a very pure way and get access to our own uniquness.

I invite you into a safe space where you can explore your voice no matter what experience you have. 

Piano Lesson for Beginners

You always wanted to play the Piano but never started or got discouraged? For me the Piano is one of the most beautiful Instruments with vast possibilities…

My approach to this beautiful Instrument is beyond styles and Genres and I can guide you through your first steps.



The most amazing thing about music is the possibility to create always something new, that was not here before.

If you are interested to dive into the language and theory of sound I would love to help you on that journey…


Music Production for Beginners

If you ever wanted to learn about the Basics of Music Production, record your own song or start making your own Instrumentals you are very welcome to contact me…

Contact Lukas

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